Feb 20th, 2010
5:41PM UTC

The Oilers Diaspora (Updated)

So a while back, I got to thinking, just how many former Oilers are out there in the NHL this year? With the way players move around these days, it seemed to me there’d be quite a few; when I looked into it, I discovered that the number is actually closer to “a fucking lot of them.” Restricting it just to players who were at one point Oilers property (no Chris Higgins or Milan Lucic) and who have played at least one game in the NHL this year (no Mike York or Krys Kolanos) still turned up 53 of them (Edit: Make that 56.), from farmhands on a cup of coffee (Guillaume Lefebvre) to future Hall of Famers (Chris Pronger). Here they are, broken down by current team. (Edit: Updated as of this year’s trade deadline, March 3.)

Player Team Acquired Departed
Troy Bodie ANA Draft (9/278, ’03) FA (ANA, ’08)
Joffrey Lupul ANA Trade (ANA, ’06): with L. Smid, 1/30 ’07 (N. Ross, PHX), 1/22 ’08 (J. Eberle), and 2/53 ’08 (T. Hamonic, NYI) for C. Pronger Trade (PHI, ’07): with J. Smith for J. Pitkanen, G. Sanderson, and 3/82 ’09 (C. Abney)
Todd Marchant ANA Trade (NYR, ’94): for C. MacTavish FA (CBJ, ’03)
Lubomir Visnovsky ANA Trade (LAK, ’08): for M. Greene and J. Stoll Trade (ANA, ’10): for R. Whitney and 6/??? ’10
Marty Reasoner ATL Trade (STL, ’01): with J. Hecht and J. Horacek for D. Weight and M. Riesen Trade (BOS, ’06): with Y. Stastny and 2/50 ’06 (M. Lucic) for S. Samsonov
FA (BOS, ’06) FA (ATL, ’08)
Guillaume Lefebvre1 BOS FA (NAHL, ’08) FA (BOS, ’09)
Miroslav Satan BOS Draft (5/111, ’93) Trade (BUF, ’97): for B. Moore and C. Millar
Tim Thomas BOS FA (SM-L, ’98) FA (IHL, ’99)
Mike Grier BUF Trade (STL, ’95): with C. Joseph for S. Corson2 Trade (WSH, ’02): for 2/53 ’03 (E. Tunik, NYI) and 3/94 ’03 (Z. Stortini)
Jochen Hecht BUF Trade (STL, ’01): with M. Reasoner and J. Horacek for D. Weight and M. Riesen Trade (BUF, ’02): for 2/31 ’02 (J. Deslauriers) and 2/36 ’02 (J. Stoll)
Raffi Torres BUF Trade (NYI, ’03): with B. Isbister for J. Niinimaa and 2/53 ’03 (E. Tunik) Trade (CBJ, ’08): for G. Brule
Curtis Glencross CGY Trade (CBJ, ’08): for D. Tarnstrom FA (CGY, ’08)
Ales Kotalik CGY Trade (BUF, ’09): for 2/58 ’09 (J. Blacker, TOR) FA (NYR, ’09)
Steve Staios CGY FA (ATL, ’01) Trade (CGY, ’10): for A. Johnson and 3/?? ’10 or ’11
Erik Cole CAR Trade (CAR, ’08): for J. Pitkanen Trade (CAR, ’09): with 5/131 ’09 (M. Kennedy) for P. O’Sullivan and 2/58 ’09 (J. Blacker, TOR)
Joni Pitkanen CAR Trade (PHI, ’07): with G. Sanderson and 3/82 (C. Abney) for J. Lupul and J. Smith Trade (CAR, ’08): for E. Cole
Sergei Samsonov CAR Trade (BOS, ’06): for M. Reasoner, Y. Stastny, 2/50 ’06 (M. Lucic) FA (MTL, ’06)
Ray Whitney CAR FA (SJS, ’97) Waivers (FLA, ’97)
Mathieu Garon CBJ FA (LAK, ’07) Trade (PIT, ’09): for D. Sabourin, R. Stone, and 4/??? ’11
Jan Hejda CBJ Trade (BUF, ’06) for 7/187 ’07 (N. Eno) FA (CBJ, ’07)
Toby Petersen DAL FA (PIT, ’04) FA (DAL, ’07)
Jeff Woywitka DAL Trade (PHI, ’03): with 1/25 ’04 (R. Schremp) and 3/81 ’05 (D. Syvret) for M. Comrie Trade (STL, ’05): with E. Brewer and D. Lynch for C. Pronger
Daniel Cleary DET Trade (CHI, ’99): with C. Kilger, E. Moreau, and C. Laflamme for B. Mironov, D. McAmmond, and J. Elofsson FA (PHX, ’03)
Kirk Maltby DET Draft (3/65, ’92) Trade (DET, ’96): for D. McGillis
Mike Comrie EDM Draft (3/91, ’99) Trade (PHI, ’03): for J. Woywitka, 1/25 ’04 (R. Schremp), and 3/81 ’05 (D. Syvret)
Radek Dvorak FLA Trade (NYR, ’03): with C. Cross for A. Carter and A. Pisa FA (STL, ’06)
Steve MacIntyre1 FLA Waivers (FLA, ’08) Waivers (FLA, ’09)
Mathieu Roy1 FLA Draft (7/215, ’03) FA (CBJ, ’09)
Matt Greene LAK Draft (2/44, ’02) Trade (LAK, ’08): with J. Stoll for L. Visnovsky
Ryan Smyth LAK Draft (1/6, ’94) Trade (NYI, ’07): for R. O’Marra, R. Nilsson, and 1/15 ’07 (A. Plante)
Jarret Stoll LAK Draft (2/36, ’02) Trade (LAK, ’08): with M. Greene for L. Visnovsky
Kyle Brodziak MIN Draft (7/214, ’03) Trade (MIN, ’09): with 6/161 ’09 (D. Kuemper) for 4/99 ’09 (K. Bigos) and 5/133 ’09 (O. Roy)
Petr Sykora1 MIN FA (NYR, ’06) FA (PIT, ’07)
Marc-Andre Bergeron MTL FA (QMHJL, ’01) Trade (NYI, ’07): with 3/73 ’08 (K. Petrov) for D. Grebeshkov
Roman Hamrlik MTL Trade (TBL, ’97): with P. Comrie for B. Marchment, S. Kelly, and J. Bonsignore Trade (NYI, ’00): for E. Brewer, J. Green, and 2/35 ’00 (B. Winchester)
Georges Laraque1 MTL Draft (2/31, ’95) FA (PHX, ’06)
Jaroslav Spacek MTL Trade (CHI, ’06): for T. Salmelainen FA (BUF, ’06)
Jason Arnott NSH Draft (1/7, ’93) Trade (NJD, ’98): with B. Muir for V. Zelepukin and B. Guerin
Denis Grebeshkov NSH Trade (NYI, ’07): for M. Bergeron and 3/73 ’08 (K. Petrov) Trade (NSH, ’10): for 2/?? ’10
Dean McAmmond NJD Trade (CHI, ’93): with I. Kravchuk for J. Murphy Trade (CHI, ’98): with B. Mironov and J. Elofsson for C. Kilger, D. Cleary, E. Moreau, and C. Laflamme
Tim Sestito1 NJD FA (ECHL, ’06) Trade (NJD, ’09): for a conditional pick (’10)
Dwayne Roloson NYI Trade (MIN, ’06): for 1/17 ’06 (T. Lewis, LAK) and 3/67 ’07 (S. Machacek, ‘ATL) FA (NYI, ’09)
Rob Schremp NYI Draft (1/25, ’04) Waivers (NYI, ’09)
Doug Weight NYI Trade (NYR, ’93): for E. Tikkanen Trade (STL, ’01): with M. Riesen for M. Reasoner, J. Hecht, and J. Horacek
Steve Valiquette NYR FA (NYI, ’03) Waivers (FLA, ’03)
Waivers (FLA, ’03) Trade (NYR, ’04): with D. Helminen and 2/48 ’04 (D. Byers) for P. Nedved and J. Markkanen
Chris Pronger PHI Trade (STL, ’05): for E. Brewer, D. Lynch, and J. Woywitka Trade (ANA, ’06): for J. Lupul, L. Smid, 1/30 ’07 (N. Ross, PHX), 1/22 ’08 (J. Eberle), and 2/53 ’08 (T. Hamonic, NYI)
Danny Syvret PHI Draft (3/81, ’05) Trade (PHI, ’08): for R. Potulny
Matthew Lombardi PHX Draft (7/215, ’00) Draft (CGY, 3/90, ’02)
Bill Guerin PIT Trade (NJD, ’98): with V. Zelepukin for J. Arnott and B. Muir Trade (BOS, ’00): with 1/19 ’01 (S. Morrisonn) for A. Carter, 1/13 ’01 (A. Hemsky), and 2/43 ’01 (D. Lynch)
Dwight Helminen SJS Draft (8/244, ’02) Trade (NYR, ’04): with S. Valiquette and 2/48 ’04 (D. Byers) for P. Nedved and J. Markkanen
Eric Brewer STL Trade (NYI, ’00): with J. Green for 2/35 ’00 (B. Winchester) for R. Hamrlik Trade (STL, ’05): with D. Lynch and J. Woywitka for C. Pronger
Ty Conklin STL FA (NCAA, ’01) FA (CBJ, ’06)
Brad Winchester STL Draft (2/35, ’00) FA (DAL, ’07)
Yan Stastny VAN Trade (BOS, ’05): for 4/98 ’06 (J. Delory, SJS) Trade (BOS, ’06): with M. Reasoner and 2/50 ’06 (M. Lucic) for S. Samsonov
Jason Chimera WAS Draft (5/121, ’97) Trade (PHX, ’04): with 3/80 ’04 (B. Ryan, NYR) for 2/57 ’04 (G. Paukovich) and 4/112 ’04 (L. Reddox)
Tom Poti WAS Draft (3/59, ’96) Trade (NYR, ’02): with R. Murray for M. York and 4/106 ’02 (I. Koltsov)

1 Not currently on active roster.
2 RFA compensation in lieu of 1/14 ’96 (M. Reasoner) and 1/15 ’97 (M. Zultek, LAK)

The final tally, before the deadline:

  • 4 teams have four (CAR, CBJ, MTL, STL)
  • 4 teams have three (ANA, BOS, LAK, NYI)
  • 9 teams have two (BUF, CGY, DAL, DET, FLA, MIN, NJD, PHI, WAS)
  • 7 teams have one (ATL, EDM, NSH, NYR, PHX, PIT, SJS)
  • 6 teams have none (CHI, COL, OTT, TOR, TBL, VAN)

(Edit:) And after the deadline:

  • 4 teams have four (ANA, CAR, MTL, STL)
  • 6 teams have three (BUF, CGY, BOS, FLA, LAK, NYI)
  • 8 teams have two (CBJ, DAL, DET, MIN, NSH, NJD, PHI, WAS)
  • 7 teams have one (ATL, EDM, NYR, PHX, PIT, SJS, VAN)
  • 5 teams have none (CHI, COL, OTT, TOR, TBL)

Additionally, three active players have recorded two separate stints as an Oiler: Mike Comrie, Marty Reasoner, and Steve Valiquette. Of course, the larger question is whether any of this is at all relevant, especially with the trade deadline coming up shortly after the Olympics to make this list almost instantly out of date. My response to this is, because I was curious. And I wanted to see how many I could come up with off the top of my head. I think I got about 3/4 of these guys, which I’m pretty happy with, all told.

(Edit:) There are a couple of patterns here, though. One is that they’ve made a hell of a lot of trades with the Islanders, Flyers, and less recently, the Blues, over the years. They haven’t traded often with Anaheim, but when they have — Pronger and Visnovsky — it’s been huge. Finally, yesterday marks the first time in 30 years the Flames and Oilers have made a deal, and I’m calling it a victory for the Oilers. Sorry, Steady Steve, but your day has passed.

Finally, it’s too bad I didn’t do this a couple of years ago, or I could’ve tied back to this little piece of history.

Player Team Acquired Departed
Martin Gelinas NSH Trade (LAK, ’88): with J. Carson, 1/18 ’89 (J. Miller, NJD), 1/20 ’91 (M. Rucinsky), 1/16 ’93 (N. Stajduhar), and cash for W. Gretzky, M. Krushelnyski, and M. McSorley Trade (QUE, ’93): with 6/137 ’93 (N. Checco) for S. Pearson

Gelinas and Rucinsky were both journeymen, briefly playing together in Quebec. Both left the NHL in 2008, and retired from active play after a year in Europe, the last two pieces of one of the most infamous trades in professional sport.

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4 Responses to “The Oilers Diaspora (Updated)”

  1. Doogie2K says:

    Scratchpad for the trade deadline:

    Oilers traded:
    –D. Grebeshkov to NSH (2nd round pick, ’10)
    –C. Wild to BOS (M. Marquardt)

    Ex-Oilers traded:

  2. Doogie2K says:

    Oilers moved:
    L. Visnovsky (ANA, R. Whitney, 6th)
    S. Staios (CGY, A. Johnson, 3rd)

    Ex-Oilers moved:
    R. Torres (BUF)
    M. Roy (FLA)
    Y. Stastny (VAN)

  3. Doogie2K says:

    Update (May 16): I did not know who Dwight Helminen was until just today. Huh.

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